Opera -  AMADIGI, Garsington Opera, Dancer

Musical - THE KING AND I UK&International Tour, Uncle Thomas/Royal Court Dancer/Ensemble

Project - GRENZE, Dancer/Choreographer, BUoY, Tokyo

Project - GRENZE, Dancer/Choreographer, ACUD-Theater, Berlin

Musical - THE KING AND I West End, Uncle Thomas/Ensemble, London Palladium

Project - ART SPIRE 2nd, Dancer/Choreographer, Berlin

Project - ART SPIRE 1st, Dancer/Choreographer, Berlin

Musical - CINDERELLA, Understudied/Performed Dancer

Dance - CENTRE POINT, Emerge Festival 5th Anniversary, Dancer/Choreographer, The Space 

Dance - PETIT AMIE, Dancer/Choreographer

Concert - NEIN Sound Horizon 9th Story Concert Japan Tour, Concert

Musical - SONG OF SOULS, Ensemble, Japan Tour

Theatre - LOST MEMORY THETRE, Assistant Choreographer, KAAT, Japan


Concert - REVO'S HALLOWEEN PARTY, Sound Horizon

Musical - THE KING AND I, International Tour, Angel/King’s Wife

Ballet - FAUST, Manchester City Ballet, Lead Dancer

Ballet - NUTCRACKER, Manchester City Ballet, Lead Flower

Ballet - COPPELIA, Manchester City Ballet, Swanilda

Ballet - COPPELIA, Manchester City Ballet, Betrothal

Site Specific     

Site Specific - THE HANDMAIDEN, Secret Cinema X, Sook-Hee


Museum - Library of Encounters, Kirsi Enkovaara, Somerset House

Event - One Night Stand, Ballhaus Berlin

Event - Live Jazz Jam Hackney WickED special w/dance & art, Guest Dancer
Event - Hackney WickED Official After Party, Opening solo performance

Event - Empire House Family, Shuku!!

Event - Leave Behind My Soul, Dance performance with Lima Alpha Uniform
Event - Big Dance Bus Tour London, Solo Performance

Event - Dance, visual and digital performances, Performance with Elektro Kagura

Event - Japan Festival at Trafalgar Square

Fashion show - The Power Of Design Vantan Final Fashion Show

Film, Model

Film - The King And I From The London Palladium

Film - Sound Horizon 9th Story Concert 'Nein'

Music Video - Belong (Feat. Kimbra) - FYFE   

Music Video - Love You More - FYFE

Music Video - The Flow - Daniel Norgren 

Music Video - It Took Me So Long To Get Here, But Here I Am - KT Tunstall

Music Video - Meteorite - Years & Years

Music Video - Play - Marmozets

Music Video - Lose It- Oh Wonder

Music Video - Up Up And Away- Newton Faulkner

Music Video - For All The Sad Robots - GON

Music Video - Yoi Asa wo, Itoshii hito - plenty

Music Video - Hot Stuff - JUJU

Model - Jump! - Mayumi Hirata’s photographic project  

Model - Sailing Stones - Kirsi Enkovaara

Model - OnlyOnStreet - Wulf Wills

Promotion Video - PRISM

Promotion Video - A5 Technologies App Promotion Video 

Corporate - Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows, Team Skull

Commercial - Riken Non-oil salad dressing

Voice Over


The Body Shop Self-Love Campaign, Narrator      


Juste Debout UK 2017 - London prelims Experimental, Finalist / Top 8

UK Dance Elite Championship2016Finalist

The Elizabeth Baines-Hewitt Awards 2010, The Elizabeth Baines-Hewitt Award / 1st Prize

Choreographer Assistant

Yu Kimoto          2013-2015   Theatre, Commercial, Concert, Event

Kaiji Moriyama   2014-2015   Theatre, Commercial

Kaoruco             2013-2014   Commercial, Music Video, Workshop assistant